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Description | Screenshot | Comments (3) | Download

View screenshot of RenoisePro-Music tracking software with full MIDI and VST plugin / VST instrument support. Integrated fully featured software in one package: pattern editor, instrument editor, sample editor. Without competition in music trackers area, as stated by music professionals.

  • Full MIDI and VST/VSTi support
  • Many internal DSP effects
  • Sampler
  • Sample and Instrument editors
  • Track / Instrument Automation
  • Great interest by music professionals

    Download Renoise Now Download Renoise

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    Download Renoise Now Download Renoise

    Read comments (3)

    Version: 1.261
    Released: May, 14 2003
    License: Shareware, $45.00
    Expires: Never Expires

    File size: 3,208 K
    Platforms: Windows XP/ME/NT/2000/98/95
    Downloads: 3177

    Pro-Music tracking software: Full MIDI and VST/VSTi support, internal sampler and DSP effects, track automation and instrument envelopes, fully featured sample and instrument editors, ASIO support and remarkable interest by musicians!


    Renoise page at FreewareSeek

    Developer: Renoise

    Renoise page at FreewareSeek

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