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MPEG Scissors

MPEG Scissors

Description | Screenshot | Comments (23) | Download

Review team at Nov, 5 2003 wrote:


Vote: 9
sasi at Feb, 20 2005 wrote:

it was very use full

Vote: 10
zshaha at Nov, 28 2004 wrote:

Good for my life

Vote: 10
Tane at Nov, 13 2003 wrote:

cant download this help please sounds really cool to mix all my mps help please : )

Vote: 10
Tane at Nov, 13 2003 wrote:

cant download this program help please sounds really cool to mix up my mp3's

Vote: 10
videocom at Aug, 6 2003 wrote:

very cool

Vote: 10
lemairenoisy at Jul, 7 2003 wrote:


Vote: 8
Cyaron at Jun, 28 2003 wrote:

If it shows I have posted another review here, that was a mistake. The other review was meant for the 123 Audio Video Merger program. However, I DID try out this program, and the reasonj I give it a lowly 4 rating is because the program descrition is worded in such a way that it sounds like it's supposed to be able to cut MPEGs, as in videos. When I ran the program, it was only an mpeg AUDIO cutter. It still used the word "frame" instead of "sector", like it was a video function, but it was only for sound. Well, there's a program called CDex (get 1.4, not the new one) that can do the same thing (and it knows a sector from a frame), while also being a really good MP3 encoder. So basically, there isn't much use to this program.

Vote: 4
Cyaron at Jun, 28 2003 wrote:

Well, it does exactly what it is supposed to do, and without some of the errors that other programs have been known to cause. I only gave it an 8 for a couple reasons. First off, there is no way to select a list of files; you have to select them all one at a time. Second, you cannot create or edit profile information at all. These abilities would be really nice. In addition to these minor omissions, I had to use Download Accelerator Plus in order to properly download the file. With these complaints, one might think I would score it noticeably lower than 8. However, this is not really supposed to be a really involved program. Its functions are very simple but they do the job they are supposed to do. Also, the program installs nicely and has help information, among other things. As for the need for DAP to actually get the file, I don't see that as a problem with the program, but a problem with the host.

Vote: 8
maconey at Jun, 9 2003 wrote:

i like it :-)

Vote: 10
nagoov at May, 14 2003 wrote:

It is very helpfull me. But My OS is Windows 2000

Vote: 5
asad at Feb, 18 2003 wrote:


Vote: 10
julianseba at Jan, 11 2003 wrote:


Vote: 10
veera at Dec, 13 2002 wrote:

Very Good

Vote: 10
trax203 at Sep, 9 2002 wrote:

very good

Vote: 10
Keet at Apr, 1 2002 wrote:

preety good

Vote: 8
shankha at Feb, 26 2002 wrote:

Link fixed

Vote: 10
chabin at Feb, 25 2002 wrote:

Found it here

Vote: 10
chriswoo at Jan, 25 2002 wrote:

Can't download this software.... Anybody can help???

Vote: 10
Kats at Dec, 27 2001 wrote:

I'd like to give higher vote but I can't DL nor can I find the Homepage of its creator.

Vote: 1
swifty at Dec, 4 2001 wrote:

Help me!!! I can't download...

Vote: 10
stuchly at Oct, 12 2001 wrote:


Vote: 10
ahmet at Apr, 15 2001 wrote:


Vote: 10

Download MPEG Scissors Now Download MPEG Scissors

mp3splt mp3splt
mp3splt is a free utility to split mp3 and ogg files (without decoding). It is useful to split large files, selecting begin/end time; if file is an album, you can get splitpoints automatically from CDDB or a cue file.

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With the trial version of Sonic Burner, you can enjoy unlimited playing of CDs and MP3s and can make up to 20 high-quality MP3s from your favorite CDs.

Alba Extractor Alba Extractor
Alba Extractor splits mp3 files created with albumwrap, also corrupted ones. It's available for Linux and Windows.

DFX for Winamp DFX for Winamp
DFX will bring life back to dead MP3s with Bass, 3D, and Fidelity

AC3 Decoder AC3 Decoder
Converter for AC3 files into WAV, MP3, WMA, Ogg Vorbis.

Download MPEG Scissors Now Download MPEG Scissors

Version: 1.2
Released: Jul, 24 1999
License: Freeware, $0.00
Expires: Never Expires

File size: 423 K
Platforms: Windows ME/NT/98/95
Downloads: 22028

This Program was created for easy editing MPEG Files. It make easy to CUT and JOIN multiple files.


MPEG Scissors page at FreewareSeek

Developer: TFM Group

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TFM Group page at FreewareSeek

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