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View screenshot of BlackoutCitys power supply is frequently the target of terrorist attacks and saboteur acts. This time their attack was successful. They have caused power outage in New York. The city is complete emerged in chaos riots, looting and gunfire are everywhere. Your goal is to bring power back to the city. Itll be hard to do and youll have to be quick. The time allowed for this operation is very limited. Luckily, you don't have to close all circuits - just enough to pass to another level.
You start out with a playing field with scattered wires and light bulbs in the center. As time passes, more and more parts get added. The wires have different shapes and need to be rotated to constitute a closed circuit. Once the circuit is completed (closed), it disappears. Make sure to include parts with light bulbs in the circuit more the better. This will let you quickly get power back to 100% (the indicator is located in the lower right corner) so that you can proceed to a new level. To make the task of closing circuit easier, the completed part of the chain is highlighted, so you can see the direction where electricity flows. As you pass from level to level, you will see electricity returning back to the city. First, the neon signs will come back on, then windows will light up and so on, until the power is completely restored. However, winning the game is not an easy task - thats for sure. In fact, you need to be a brain-macho, super geek, rocket scientist and Albert Einstein combined. Hey, who said its going to be easy? But every minute playing Blackout is worth an hour playing any other game! Are you up to the challenge? Are you smart enough? Can you handle all that? Try now!

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Download Blackout Now Download Blackout

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Version: 1.00
Released: Dec, 25 2003
License: Shareware, $14.95
Expires: Expires after 14 Days

File size: 2,321 K
Platforms: Windows CE
Downloads: 200

Blackout is a tough and challenging arcade that requires instant decisions and leaves no room for errors. The power outage was exploded. Your goal is to restore the power. It wont be easy! Can you handle that? Try now!


Blackout page at FreewareSeek

Developer: tepexob

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