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View screenshot of jAlbum

Review team at Sep, 19 2003 wrote:


Vote: 8
BiancaSMonica at Jul, 2 2010 wrote:

Nicholas2n what is your email? Its Bianca your Santa Monica friend back from Europe :)
snappypixels at Apr, 19 2010 wrote:

Use their hosting site and software. I find it easy, fast with great skins and widgets to choose from. You can create your own Theme on their hosting site. If you want clean , nice looking albums , choose, Jalbum.. I have found it to be top notch above others. Would recommend to anyone in Amateur and Professional arena of photography or simply a place to share family and friends photos. Fantastic Gallery Showplace. You can visit my website here and check it out yourself. Visit other galleries as well , some fantastic photography of all kinds. Snappypixels Kat Morgan
chiavet at Dec, 13 2008 wrote:

I am using version 8.0.9. Great product Just what I have been looking for. The ease of use is wonderful. The choices of different looks (skins) is wonderful. Their support forum is A I would recommend this to anyone out there.

Vote: 10
origamiste at Nov, 21 2007 wrote:

Ce programme est fabuleux car il est personnalisable, simple utiliser, efficace, intuitif, lger (les temps de rponse sont plus que satisfaisant), agrable bref un logiciel incontournable et incontestablement indispensable... Bravo aux programmeurs et toutes l'quipe de JAlbum... Sorry my English is so poor... I can say : JAlbum application is very very excellent, powerfull, perfectly good etc. Congratulations...

Vote: 10
kiya_net at Oct, 9 2007 wrote:

Abolutely fantastic product. I have just put up an album on their new hosting service, it looks awsome, I did it all by myself (no help from the tecky husband) and ITS ALL FREE. I completely fail to understand the less than positive reviews on this page, they must be talking about another product or have computers that do not work properly. LOVE IT and will be using it a lot more.

Vote: 10
Aukcje at Mar, 4 2007 wrote:

Fantastic software. I careate site about JAlbum (Aukcje Internetowe) and promote in Poland. Greetings
karina1481 at Nov, 6 2006 wrote:

It's Free, It's Easy, and the galleries look awesome!

Vote: 10
roblarosa at Jun, 23 2006 wrote:

I like sharing photos, but many of the free picture hosting sites are tedious to use or too slow and cumbersome. JAlbum makes it EXTREMELY EASY to create web pages from you images and, it's very fast! I also love the built in FTP feature. It makes uploading my albums to my ISP very simple.

Vote: 9
sgborja at Feb, 14 2006 wrote:


Vote: 10
alicorn2 at Nov, 23 2005 wrote:

I love this program -- I use it at home and at work. It can be a bit tricky to install originally if you have multiple versions of java installed, but other than that it's easy. Once installed, you can accept all defaults and get awesome albums, or tinker to your heart's content and make it do exactly what you want.

Vote: 10
EuroBoa at Nov, 9 2005 wrote:

With version 6 out now, this truly is a magnificent Photo Album generator! So easy to use and still so powerful! I am so thankful that this is a free program. Thanks David for making this great tool available to all of us. :)

Vote: 10
bosgra at Aug, 15 2005 wrote:

The best software out there for making good looking galleries the easy way. Try the bananalbum skin, look for proof on

Vote: 9
fdegast at Aug, 5 2005 wrote:

Don't bother looking for a better program. Have no problems installing and/or using JAlbum. Proof at (sorry, only in dutch)

Vote: 10
akclimber at Aug, 3 2005 wrote:

This software rocks. Easy to use, works as advertised and good community support with skins and forums. Simply amazing that it's free.

Vote: 9
magical at May, 3 2005 wrote:

does not work at all, useless

Vote: 1
LauraS at Apr, 30 2005 wrote:

As can be seen by the different reviews, this is a great program to use, but only if you're prepared to understand it. Written in Java, and using customised templates, theres a learning curve involved. If you want a simple program that just generates a grid of thumbnails with a few options, you can use just about any program. Where JAlbum comes into it's own, is in its level of customisation. You can change the template files, use variables and sophisticated techniques to display collections of images, but there's a steep learning curve at first. Once you're over that, it's a great program, but if you don't get to that point, it's just obscure.

Vote: 9
zurcka at Apr, 25 2005 wrote:

not a good one

Vote: 1
eskimo at Apr, 25 2005 wrote:

After a long search, try and throw away routines I've found JAlbum. I convert all of my galleries with this simple and useful program on the

Vote: 10
magdane87 at Apr, 20 2005 wrote:

all faked reviews... this program is a pain to use

Vote: 1
tjustice at Apr, 20 2005 wrote:

This is the best FREE program I've ever used (short of perhaps WinZIP and McAfee, back when it free and more like a utility than a virus itself.) The best recommendation I can give is this: go look at some of the sites powered by this program, including ours, my first web page design: Visit the JAlbum forum, under USER ALBUM SHOWCASE for more great examples. This is exactly what I wanted, for people to be wowed by my wife's incredible photos, not the distracting page design.

Vote: 10
LeonCheong at Apr, 10 2005 wrote:

The best way to share alburm with friends and family. It would be perfect if can generate thumnail from videos! Am I asking too much?

Vote: 9
kmullins at Apr, 2 2005 wrote:

There isn't a package out today that you can buy, that does a better job than JAlbum. David Ekholm is a genius.

Vote: 10
123654 at Mar, 29 2005 wrote:

this is the best

Vote: 10
bsr at Feb, 7 2005 wrote:

TahnkQ sir
samotech at Nov, 5 2004 wrote:

I've been looking to buy a good web album package for some time trying lots of demo's, shareware etc and couldn't find one I liked! Then I found JAlbum, this program is simply superb, simple to use, and even better it's free.

Vote: 10
sadr_ba at Sep, 26 2004 wrote:

I don't have ever seen such a great an free product for making Photo Album in any platform...

Vote: 10
petrip at Aug, 6 2004 wrote:

What an excellent piece of work! COmpact, powerful, extensible - and free! I love it!

Vote: 10
Muzungu at Jul, 21 2004 wrote:

When I first saw the comments on this page I just couldn't believe the comments where from real users; they where too positive. But now i've downloaded and tried it... WOW , this program is realy GREAT!! I've searched for something like this for a very long time, downloaded hundreds of programs to try, but this is it! I only can't believe it's for free! This is what every Digi-Camera owner needs.

Vote: 10
mdranch at Jul, 18 2004 wrote:

The best web photo album out there. The new skins have made it oustanding in page generation and in features after file generation.

Vote: 10
mkaplan at Jun, 20 2004 wrote:

Simple the best program of its kind and yet it's free.Wow! get it now!!

Vote: 10
rkurmann at May, 1 2004 wrote:

This program (with its styles) is exactly what I looked for. A very good program.

Vote: 10
rkurmann at May, 1 2004 wrote:

This program with its styles is exactly what I looked for. A very good program.

Vote: 10
silentj at Apr, 21 2004 wrote:

Freeware and incredibly customizable. If you have the time, it'll do whatever you want. If you don't have the time, there's a large number of high-quality pre-defined templates.

Vote: 10
phstjernfeldt at Apr, 15 2004 wrote:

The best program in this category that I have seen

Vote: 10
lynndianah at Mar, 20 2004 wrote:

This is fantastic. I'm a photographer (not a website designer by any means) who finally has a decent looking website thanks to this...and free, too! Amazing!

Vote: 10
wilhelmp at Jan, 9 2004 wrote:

Wow. I have been looking for a good photo album creator for some time, and was expecting just another of the usual ones that produce web pages circa 1993 (terrible background images and clip art everywhere).... but this blew me away! Killer features like auto-thumbnails, skins (choose from 20 themes, e.g. an XP-like view), an option to link to shutterfly to let your users order prints, etc. The best I've seen.

Vote: 9
mej at Jan, 5 2004 wrote:

The best I've seen in its class! Better than many commercial alternatives. Keep up the good work!

Vote: 10
dodowolf at Dec, 14 2003 wrote:

JAlbum is fabulous, not only the the UI, but the function itself is far more greater then ACDsee and even photoshop. I like it

Vote: 10
cybbis at Nov, 10 2003 wrote:

Simply put an awesome product. Beats even commercial products without any competition.

Vote: 10
peebes at Nov, 8 2003 wrote:

Absolutely the best album/gallery software out there. I was about to write my own and found this!

Vote: 10
nathtdm at Oct, 24 2003 wrote:

I think it is the best software found in the web

Vote: 10
Lopez at Sep, 16 2003 wrote:

Excellent product. Very easy to use and gets the job done. For free!!!

Vote: 10
toddbecker at Jul, 31 2003 wrote:

WOW. The glowing reviews say it all, this is an incredible product. Easy to use, easy to customize, extremely well thought out.

Vote: 10
nicholas2n at Jun, 30 2003 wrote:

this is the best free ware web album i have seen! Highly customable!

Vote: 10
cavix at Jun, 12 2003 wrote:

but the product is not good looking and it can't creat thumbnaill for video chips......

Vote: 5
sbollin at Apr, 20 2003 wrote:

This is a great program and its free. This is by-far the best that I have used.

Vote: 10
scoot at Apr, 17 2003 wrote:

Excellent in design, ease of use and price. Pity I cannot give more than 10 points, it derserves it

Vote: 10
d054888 at Jan, 26 2003 wrote:

Much better designed than most commercial stuff!

Vote: 10
Ralph at Jan, 13 2003 wrote:

Great program............messed something up (my fault) couldn't figure out what I did. Posted a message on JAlbum forum and the author of the program posted a reply with in the hour letting me know what I had done wrong. Can't beat free and tech support.

Vote: 10
korozion at Dec, 10 2002 wrote:

I've never used a better program than this. I use the Linux version and have had no problems at all. I would recommend this to anyone. Simple to use, free and perfect.

Vote: 10
dave64 at Nov, 29 2002 wrote:

Thats the gallery-tool I searched. Its very easy to use, but very flexible and powerful. It's got a natural way of dealing with subdirectorys, it's got options to simply configure the existing skins and you even got the possibilities to create your own skins in a very easy and powerful way. It's in java, so I can use it on Windows and Linux, its free, and: it is MUCH better than ALL other tools I found. There is just one thing that could be better: it's not open source, but the api is documented and usable. Thanks for this wonderful tool.

Vote: 10
croanon at Nov, 18 2002 wrote:

JPhoto is a GREAT download. It has everything that similar commercial products have and it is FREE! Another good point is that it is written in Java, so that it runs on Mac, Linux, etc besides Windows. I have a MacOSX box and Wintel box, and it runs perfectly on my both systems. Kudos to the writer.

Vote: 10
warpspace at Oct, 28 2002 wrote:

Jalbum works great in eCs (OS/2) too. It,s a superior tool for multiplatform OS's, you need only JAVA 1.3.x.

Vote: 9
ampdude at Oct, 17 2002 wrote:

a briliiant product! best of all... ITS FREE!!! i work for a California State agency and of course, we dont have a lot of money to spend. i needed this software for a project containing over 100 photos and it delivered beautifully! THANKS!!!

Vote: 10
barnacle9 at Sep, 23 2002 wrote:

The best by far of the close to 30 programs I've tried!!! I have found a couple that I was fairly happy with, but nothing close to this--when it starts taking my pictures for me I might have to get a job! I effortlessly created attractive and flawlessly functioning albums of OVER 2000 pictures in countless nested directories--MY FIRST DAY! After a week of using the program (3 sessions), I have since processed 2000 or so more, and reorganized my folders (which meant I had to reprocess multiple directories--I was afraid I would have a mess of broken links and misplaced/incorrectly over-written files/directories) as well as creating 2 new skins!!!! ALL tasks were performed with little effort on my part and PERFECT recursive REWRITING of the albums--quickly. This guy put some time and thought into this program!

Vote: 10
Job at Sep, 17 2002 wrote:

Thank goodness for a good/free web album. Have been looking for a prog like this one for a long time

Vote: 10

Download jAlbum Now Download jAlbum

A-Media Scanner A-Media Scanner
A-Media Scanner collects metadata (video snapshots; codecs; Id3 and Id3v2 tag, etc) from audio and video library, creates XML catalog index and exports it as multimedia HTML pages, playlists (m3u, ASX, WPL, WSX, SMIL), XML or custom format documents.

Ai Picture Explorer Ai Picture Explorer
All-in-One Graphics Viewer, Player, File Manager, Explorer, Batch Image Processor, Editor, Converter, Album + Organizer, Batch Unzipper, Multimedia Slide Show Editor, Duplicate Finder, Web Page Generator + HTML Cataloger

Easy Photo Album Creator Easy Photo Album Creator
The easiest way how to make a cool photoalbums on your harddrive or CD-R.

Download jAlbum Now Download jAlbum

Version: 13.1
Released: Mar, 21 2016
License: Demo, $0.00
Expires: Expires after 30 Days

File size: 10,650 K
Platforms: Windows Vista/XP/ME/NT/2000/98/95; Macintosh; Linux; Other OS
Downloads: 8125

Create web albums from your digital photos, just the way you want it. Use "skins" to customize the appearance and functionality of your album. Download new free skins, publish on any site and share your albums on


jAlbum page at FreewareSeek

Developer: Datadosen

Datadosen page at FreewareSeek

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