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ProShow Gold

ProShow Gold

Description | Screenshot | Comments (27) | Download

View screenshot of ProShow Gold

Review team at Aug, 5 2003 wrote:


Vote: 10
miltos at Jan, 25 2006 wrote:

I have problems to create a show with pictures and videos. There is no way to import into the show, in any kind of format, any video, big or small. Even though the program is very good for dvd burning, with 1 to 10 succesfull efforts(the program craches 9 to 10 times), there is a big lie concerning the videos. I cannot import videos into a show. Can anyone help me???
GeelongSally at May, 23 2005 wrote:

I love the slideshows that I've done on v2.5 & they look great on my computer. BUT......... I can only turn them into an executable slideshow on a CD. If I select the DVD or VCD option then the program just shuts down. I would love to know what I'm doing wrong.
colobill at Dec, 13 2004 wrote:

I found the same exact thing happen to me with the web show as karis0129 has. Yet, I can put in the html to run the proshow gold samples from my web page via their server. I do not understand why they would release a major feature that does not work. I don't like it when customers are actually beta testers.

Vote: 10
karis0129 at Nov, 23 2004 wrote:

I have used Proshow Gold for the past year and a half. It has be very easy to use and powerful (which is highly unusual for software). One setback. I have been unable to get the web show to work (not the streamed show that is streamed from Photodex's server)., and I have been unable to find others who have been able to get the web show option to work. The player acts as if it has played the show and then tells you to right click and select play again to see the show can do so...but the actual show never makes it.

Vote: 9
dingo635 at Nov, 10 2004 wrote:

I love it, it's the best! I can't figure out how to fade my music during a video clip though. Can anyone help?

Vote: 10
crowpam at Oct, 26 2004 wrote:

To anyone having "freeze" or "shutdown" problems - RE-BOOT before using ...... a minute of prevention is worth hours of content!

Vote: 10
crowpam at Oct, 26 2004 wrote:

Its the best ..... have made over 100 slideshows ...... HOWEVER, I would like more (or different and better) transitions in the future. THANK YOU PHOTODEX!

Vote: 10
ccnmemphis10 at Aug, 11 2004 wrote:

I have been working on a slide show for a 50th anniversary. Now I can't make changes to the show without the software shutting down. Any ideas?

Vote: 10
Tutman at Jun, 3 2004 wrote:

I do video production and Pro Show Gold can get my videos onto DVD in no time, just a few easy clicks

Vote: 10
tighmor at Mar, 3 2004 wrote:

Anyone know where there is a show that demonstrates what the program can do?

Vote: 10
software at Feb, 28 2004 wrote:

its better than the best

Vote: 10
msamsam at Feb, 22 2004 wrote:

It s a long time that i would like to have such as this best software to editing my Foto VCD or DVD, very good. Thank U so much.

Vote: 10
editing at Feb, 19 2004 wrote:

This is the best and simple to use ..... thanks a lot

Vote: 10
racetowin12 at Dec, 27 2003 wrote:

The most awsome Musical Slide show,ever created

Vote: 10
laukwai at Nov, 29 2003 wrote:

I can run in window ME or 98 SE, but can't run in my Windows 2000, can anybody teach me how to solve the problem, thank you.

Vote: 10
laukwai at Nov, 29 2003 wrote:

I can't run in my Windows 2000, can anybody tell me how to solve the problems, thank you.

Vote: 10
SunShyne327 at Nov, 25 2003 wrote:

I have used a couple other programs of the same sort. This is the best by far. I am glad I found this one.

Vote: 10
Megajhonny at Nov, 7 2003 wrote:

I can't install it, can somebody help me, in the midle of the instalation appears a mesagge with /i_trial.htm

Vote: 10
xkamal_01 at Nov, 2 2003 wrote:


Vote: 10
Becherert at Oct, 29 2003 wrote:

I have used several other packages of this type and Pro Show beats them by a mile. The play from the middle of a sound track feature is invaluable.

Vote: 10
thanos at Oct, 24 2003 wrote:

no good with other fonts.only in english

Vote: 5
ashfaq78mr at Sep, 27 2003 wrote:

i cannot download

Vote: 10
morteza at Sep, 20 2003 wrote:


Vote: 10
skureel at Sep, 5 2003 wrote:


Vote: 10
snacks at Sep, 2 2003 wrote:

Its great.

Vote: 10
JO at Aug, 21 2003 wrote:

I have done so many shows with ProShow for friends and family . The shows always come out great! I recently found a use for it at work. I made the best demo CD and my boss just loves it!

Vote: 10

Download ProShow Gold Now Download ProShow Gold

CD AutoRun Freeware Edition CD AutoRun Freeware Edition
Use the very popular and successful CD AutoRun Freeware Edition to make trendy multimedia splash screens for your CDs.

3D Custom Screensaver 3D Custom Screensaver
Create your own unique 3D screensaver, using your own mpeg video, jpg images and mp3 music! Build your own slideshow, photo albums, presentations. Supports many formats. Easy to install and configure.

PresenterSoft MediaEasy PresenterSoft MediaEasy
A powerful multimedia authoring tool that allows you to create web-based streaming video presentations including PowerPoint slides, images ,HTML and flash that change in synchronization with video. Support rm, ra, asf, wmv, wma, mp3, avi, mpeg.

Download ProShow Gold Now Download ProShow Gold

Version: 8.0
Released: Jul, 28 2016
License: Shareware, $69.95
Expires: Expires after 15 Days

File size: 46,424 K
Platforms: Windows Vista/XP
Downloads: 18792

ProShow Gold makes it easy to create a slide show with your photos, videos and music in a few simple steps. Just drag and drop your content into a show, edit photos, add effects, set the timing and you're done!


ProShow Gold page at FreewareSeek

Developer: Photodex

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ProShow Gold ProShow Gold

Photodex page at FreewareSeek

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